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Everything You Need to Know

instrumentTechnical skills was introduced as a trial station in the ST3 Recruitment process in 2014, the technical skills station made its first appearance to count towards recruitment in 2015.  This stations is felt to be a good discriminator of who has necessary skills required to become an orthopaedic registrar.  This station is designed to test your operative skills, and also your knowledge of the surgical instruments required to perform common and basic orthopaedic procedures.  Your knowledge of the principles and steps to fixation will possibly score you more points than your actual performance if you are able to talk through the steps as you perform them.

Everything You Need to Do

ScrewsPractice, practice, practice!

You need to memorise the steps to the regular procedures and also the exact surgical instrument you will need, i.e. a 2.7mm drill bit, a cortical tap etc.

You should be contacting your local trauma representative (i.e. Synthes / Smith & Nephew) and ask them if the could supply a saw bone kit for an afternoon to allow you to practice.  One would recommend you enlist one of the orthopaedic registrars of consultants to also help you with this.  You need to do organising this sort of thing well in of the interview… (don’t try doing it the week before as they will be trying to get the kit together to get it to the interview!).

Here are some suggested operations to prepare for the interview:

Lag Screw

Dynamic Hip Screw

Carpal Tunnel Decompression

Ankle fracture fixation (Lateral Malleolus Plating / Medial Malleolus Screws / Bi-Malleolar Fracture)

Tension Band Wiring

External Fixator Application

Inter medullary Nailing

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 Technical Skills Questions


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