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ST3 T&O Recruitment 2016 timeline is as follows: It is essential to keep ontop of the dates and make sure you have everything prepared for the interview day.  Now is the time to start prepping your portfolio and getting everything sorted for the interview.  Come the 16th February you can concentrate on the application form.… Read More »


Welcome to the ultimate guide to ST3 Recruitment for T&O (Trauma and Orthopaedics) 2016 – 17! ST3 Success is here to guide you through everything you need to know, and everything you need to do to prepare for the orthopaedic interview process in 2016. We have the experience of previously successful candidates to guide and… Read More »

How to perform a Carpal Tunnel Decompression

Carpal Tunnel Decompression is a nice simple short case that can form the bases of the clinical station or technical skill station in the interview.  It opens options for discussed about clinical symptoms & signs, the anatomy of the carpal tunnel, origins and insertions of the flexor retinaculum, contents of the carpal tunnel and anatomy of the median nerve.… Read More »

Presentation Skills

Everything you need to know You will be allocated a topic prior to the trauma and orthopaedics interview day and asked to prepare a short talk.  It is important to put the time in well in advance of the interview day and get your presentation fully prepared, including printing of any acetate overhead projection sheets… Read More »