By | February 6, 2016

ST3 T&O Recruitment 2016 timeline is as follows:

Applications Open 16th February 2016, 10am
Application Deadline 9th March 2016, 4pm
Interviews21st - 23rd March 2016
Initial Offers Released by By 12th May 2016, 5pm
Holding Deadline18th May 2016, 1pm
Upgrade Deadline20th May 2016, 4pm

It is essential to keep ontop of the dates and make sure you have everything prepared for the interview day.  Now is the time to start prepping your portfolio and getting everything sorted for the interview.  Come the 16th February you can concentrate on the application form.  Generally speaking the ST3 T&O application form is simple to fill out and is more based on all your personal details. Following this you will need to complete your self assessment. Then gather everything you will need for the orthopaedic interview for your portfolio.

Prepare for your interview by signing up to our question bank now!

Good Luck!